Last week, Nishimachi International School released the report of their nearly year-long investigation into the repeated sexual abuse and misconduct by James “Jim” Hawkins while he taught at NIS.



  • “Mr. Hawkins engaged in a pattern of inappropriate conduct with multiple female students during his tenure at Nishimachi, which has had damaging and lasting effects on each of them.”
  • “This Report summarizes first-hand accounts from seven of Mr. Hawkins’s former students, who credibly allege inappropriate conduct by Mr. Hawkins ranging from improper emotional closeness, to aggressive and abusive behavior, to sexual misconduct including repeated sexual intercourse with one female student.”
  • “The School’s leadership and faculty disregarded clear warning signs and dismissed express reports of Mr. Hawkins’s misconduct, enabling his continued and largely unsupervised access to students on campus and at Kazuno long after the School had cause for concern.”
  • “The School also provided Mr. Hawkins with unqualified recommendations as he continued to seek employment as an educator after leaving Nishimachi . . . .
  • “[M]ultiple students endured tremendous pain as a result of Mr. Hawkins’ actions . . . . For some students, those feelings persisted for many years and continue to the present day.”
  • “By failing to take swift action—and instead proceeding over the ensuing decades to welcome Mr. Hawkins back to Nishimachi and celebrate his contributions there—the School exacerbated the feelings of shame, confusion, frustration, and pain that many of the survivors expressed in their interviews with the investigative team.”

Here is the text of the letter from NIS announcing release of the report:

Important Update on Student Protection


Dear Members of the Nishimachi Community,

Over the past two years, Nishimachi has been committed to seeking the full truth about past sexual misconduct by faculty or staff, to supporting and apologizing to alumni who were harmed, and to ensuring the best possible safety protocols and support resources are in place to protect our current and future students.

An investigation by the law firm of McLane Middleton, commissioned in September 2017, concluded that an allegation of sexual misconduct against former teacher Mr. Jim Hawkins was founded. In May 2018, the international law firm of Jenner & Block was retained to conduct a broad investigation into any allegations of sexual misconduct by former or current faculty or staff members. The School gave Jenner & Block full independence to conduct its investigation.

The investigation took place over the course of nine months and is now complete. Jenner & Block interviewed 58 individuals and contacted a number of other community members affirmatively. We thank everyone who provided information, and particularly want to recognize those survivors who have demonstrated tremendous strength in coming forward to tell their stories.

The main findings of the report are:

  1. Mr. Jim Hawkins, a former teacher and assistant principal at Nishimachi from 1967 to 1980, engaged in a pattern of inappropriate conduct with multiple female students during his tenure. Based on the available information, Mr. Hawkins violated the boundaries of appropriate student – teacher relationships, and further, he engaged in sexual misconduct as the Report defines that term.
  2. Mr. Hawkins’s conduct was enabled by the family-like atmosphere at the School and by the tremendous autonomy he had at Nishimachi during his tenure.
  3. The School’s staff and administration failed to respond appropriately to warning signs and explicit reports that Mr. Hawkins was behaving inappropriately.
  4. The investigative team also received allegations concerning other former teachers and one graduate believed to have served on the Nishimachi summer school staff. None of the allegations concerned current Nishimachi staff or were reports made by current Nishimachi students. Several of these allegations were based on second-hand reports or rumors.
  5. The investigative team determined it was more likely than not that two former teachers engaged in sexual misconduct, as described in the report. The School has decided not to name these two teachers because the level of evidence and corroboration is significantly less substantial as that which was found with Mr. Hawkins.
  6. The allegations, the School’s resulting investigations, and findings were not documented appropriately by the School.

You should be aware that the Jenner & Block report details deeply troubling misconduct on the part of Mr. Hawkins involving at least seven children and its devastating effects.

On behalf of the School, I sincerely and deeply apologize to those students who suffered abuse during their time at Nishimachi International School. Our students should be respected, protected and supported, and Nishimachi is profoundly regretful that we now know this was not always the case.

We will take on-board the recommendations included in the report. We will ensure that students and the adults who interact with them–as teachers, staff members, administrators, and volunteers–understand the appropriate boundaries. We will take all possible measures to ensure that those boundaries are not crossed.

We will also take to heart the lessons in the report about the value of good governance, transparency, and accountability from the past history of informality and lack of boundaries, policies, training and documentation.

We will continue to maintain and periodically review our policies on student protection, ensuring that the processes for reporting and handling allegations are clear, and the responsibilities of participants in that process are well-defined. We will also make sure that all policies are available in a centralized and accessible location on our website.

To support survivors of sexual misconduct that occurred while they were students at Nishimachi, we entered into an arrangement in September 2018 with RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) to set up the Nishimachi Therapy Fund, a referral and reimbursement program for survivors who wish to obtain professional counseling. Survivors of sexual abuse that occurred while they were attending Nishimachi may obtain counseling at no cost, whether or not they have spoken to the investigators.

More detailed information about the RAINN scheme, eligibility, and assistance with therapy costs is available on the School’s website.

The Jenner & Block report is posted on the School’s website and can also be found here. A hard copy of the report can be sent via postal service upon request. Please contact our Marketing & Communications Manager, Kacie Leviton, either by email or phone (+81 (0) 3 3451 5520) to do this.

Detailed information about our current policies, counseling and preventive measures, including best practices and enhanced training, can be found on the School website’s student protection page or you can learn more by contacting me directly via email at

If you have questions about the Jenner & Block investigation or wish to report misconduct, please feel free to reach out to me directly, via email or phone (+81 (0) 3 3451 5520).

We recognize that both current parents and alumni want assurances that current students are not vulnerable to sexual misconduct by their teachers or staff members. Protecting our students from harm is our most fundamental responsibility, and we are committed to doing all we can to safeguard them.

Michael Hosking
Head of School












  1. 1967年から1980年までの間に、西町で副校長をしていた元教師のジム・ホーキンズが、在職中、複数の女生徒に対し、常習的に不適切な行為に及んでいた。確認できている情報によると、ホーキンズは、生徒と教師の適切な関係からは逸脱した行為を行い、更にこの報告書で定義する「不当なわいせつ行為」を行っていたことが判明。
  2. この学校が持つ家庭的な校風と、ホーキンズが在職中、非常に強く権利を行使していたことが、ホーキンズの不当な行為を可能にした。
  3. 学校の当時の教職員と経営陣は、ホーキンズの不適切な行為をうかがわせる兆候や、明白な被害報告に対して、適切な対処を怠っていた。
  4. 調査チームは更に、他の教師や西町のサマースクールのスタッフを務めたとされる卒業生1名に対する疑いも入手したが、いずれも現職員に対する疑いではなく、また在校生からの訴えでもなかった。さらに、その疑いのいくつかは、他人から二次的に聞いた話や噂に基づくものであった。
  5. 調査チームは最終的に、2人の元教師がわいせつ行為を行なった可能性が高い、と結論づけた。しかし、ホーキンズのケースに見られるような十分な確証は得られなかったとして、報告書の中ではその2名の名前は開示されていない。
  6. 学校は、過去の被害報告と、それを受けた学校による調査や調査結果の適切な記録を行っていなかった。






さらに、西町在学中、不当なわいせつ行為の被害に遭った方々へのサポートとして、2018年9月にRAINN(Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network:レイプ、虐待、近親相姦に関する全米ネットワーク)の協力を得て、「西町セラピーファンド」を設立いたしました。このファンドにより、専門家によるカウンセリングを希望する被害者に対し、調査協力の如何を問わず、無償でカウンセラーの紹介や補償を行います。


また、ジェナー&ブロックによる報告書 (英語のみ)も、本校ウェブサイトにて閲覧いただけます。ご希望の方には、複写コピーを郵送いたします。広報担当のケイシー・レビトン宛にメールか、お電話(+81 (0)3-3451-5520)にて、ご連絡ください。


現在の方針、カウンセリング、未然防止策として最適だと思われる各種訓練や指導強化についての詳細は、本校ウェブサイトの「Student Protection」のページでご確認いただけます。もしくは、メールでのお問合せにも、個別にお応えいたします。 まで、ご連絡ください。


If you have information about abuse at NIS or would like support, please contact us at: